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Privacy Policy of Passguides defines the nature of our business relationship with our customers and the measures we adopt to provide security to our clients on their transactions with us. It also outlines the procedure we follow to ensure protection to our clients’ personal and financial information. We are always committed to our company motto to provide maximum ease to our customers. The main constituents of our Privacy Policy are mentioned below:

  • We hereby pledge that all the personal information of our clients is always safe with us and we never disclose anything about the details of their financial transaction of money for buying Passguides’s products.
  • Moreover, we are very much conscious of the fact that the information regarding the financial credentials is a sensitive issue and requires utmost care. Hence Passguides never makes it public any such information and it is always kept safe.
  • Passguides is an independent organization and is not bound to share its business details with any party or individual. Moreover, the company doesn’t require the approval of any other body regarding its business and the policies adopted to execute its business concerns.
  • Passguides’s annual accounts reports are prepared having details of the company’s business. They include company’s financial account statements, profit and loss sheets and other credentials of the same nature. However any such reports do not have clients’ personal and financial information.
  • The information regarding clients’ credentials, the account numbers and credit card details are not saved. All such information is deleted from our records immediately after receiving payments from clients.
  • Passguides also ensure the clients’ email addresses must not be provided to any individual or party outside Passguides. However, Passguides maintains the record of clients’ email addresses with it only to send intimations, updates or information on new offers launched by the company.  

You are always secured with Passguides as we guarantee you that no information regarding your personal and financial whereabouts will be misused. Passguides is always concerned for the well-being of its customers and regard it clientele its asset. If you face any complaint of any kind you can contact us immediately. Your complaints will be addressed promptly.


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